Discovering What We Value and What We Don't

The Metal element doesn't just highlight what we value
but also helps us rid ourselves of what we do not.

Autumn is a time for paring down. As we bring our energy inward and downward in preparation for the hibernation of winter, we need to bring in what we value and release what we do not.

The previous exercising of bowing to beauty helps us physically identify what we value. What is beautiful to us. The outward nodding of our head, or more yet, a bending at the waist, sends a physical cue to our mind and spirit to take pause and acknowledge beauty. This effectively slows time, and brings in a sense of awe.

How do we figure out what we do NOT value?

The ability to become clear about what is important and what is not important is a liberating endeavor. Are we going to spend our time laboring over that one piece of hair that refuses to conform with the rest? Is it important if your sister approves of your children's clothing choices?

Thea Elijah, my mentor says, "Understanding what doesn’t matter to us can open up so much breathing space, so much freedom to pursue what is truly important. It’s like getting all the clutter out of the house. Bow to everything -- and then release from your considerations anything that doesn’t actually serve 'a good life.'"

What things create a "good life" for you?

Health? Love? Delicious food? Silent moments in nature? Now is the time to honor yourself and in service to your Heart, hone in on what is really worth it.