It's Fire Season. What Does That Have To Do With Chinese Medicine?

Let's play!

We have survived Winter. We have grown towards the light of Spring, and now it is summer! We have shed our insulating layers -basking in the warmth of longer days and our full bloom.

Chinese medicine embraces the resonance of each season. As Chinese medicine evolved from Taoist observations of nature, it recognized that we are not separate from the Earth. As the environment around us transitions through seasons, we  too have seasons in our internal environment. If we align ourselves with the energies of the Earth's seasons, then we live and exist in a greater state of health.

If we are in a state of dis-ease, one of the foundational tenets of classical Chinese medicine is to discover in what ways we differ in resonance from the environment around us.

After this discovery, we ask - how can one become more harmonized in that particular season?   

We have entered the Season of Summer, the element of Fire

Fire's color is red (or gray, like ash), its sound is laughter, the odor is scorched, and its emotion is joy.

My mentor, Thea Elijah, says "The gift of Fire is lightness of being. Humor, playfulness and the ability to be silly are crucial to the health of Fire. Fire understands that in order to be truly sane, you have to be a little bit crazy - and not be afraid to let that show!"

If upon reading this you aren't connecting with the feeling of Fire and summer, it might be a sign that an acupuncture treatment may be helpful in bringing you into balance of the season. Keep in mind that if you notice that you are feeling a heightened sense of summer in your vibe - ungrounded, scattered, and out of sorts, that could be a sign of excess Fire manifesting. Insomnia, poor attention, poor memory, anxiety and or depression, night sweats, mouth sores, and even digestive changes can all be manifestations of a Fire gone awry. These conditions and more can be brought back into balance through acupuncture and herbal medicine.