Keeping Up Our Immunity

The seasons are changing...

and in this seasonal transition we can find ourselves getting sick.

The change of the seasons can first be detected around dusk and dawn. The transition from day to night gives signs of the incoming season. Feeling a warm breeze gives a hint of spring and yet tomorrow the temperatures may drop again. No wonder our bodies don't know how to adjust to the season, the season hasn't itself adjusted! It is this time of change and unpredictability that our immunity can waiver.

We know how to keep our immune system strong:

Stay away from refined sugars
Drink plenty of water
Get enough sleep

What can we do when we feel that tickle in our throat? or the slightest bit of skin sensitivity? How do we fight the good fight and win?

Continue to avoid refined sugar and get enough sleep.
Take 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar hourly - Apple cider is a fermented food and carries valuable probiotics. The idea is to crowd out the invading bacteria or virus with good healthy bacteria.
Gargle with warm salt water - The salt water changes the conditions in our mouth (our first line of microbial defense) to create an inhospitable environment to the invading pathogen.
Get acupuncture! Yes!! Did you know that acupuncture and the correct herbal formula can help kick that viral or bacterial invader out? That it can boost your immune system to prevent getting sick and shorten the time of being sick? Well it can!