Get Steamed!

We all know to eat our veggies

But how they are cooked makes a big difference too...

1. Steam your broccoli - Italian researchers discovered that steaming broccoli increases its concentration of glucosinolates (compounds found to fight cancer) by 30 percent. Boiling actually lowers the levels.

2. Steam your carrots - The beta-carotene in carrots is heat stable, and in fact, these vital nutrients become MORE bio-available when steamed.

3. Steam your kale - Kale has been found to help lower cholesterol. While raw kale will lower it some, its cholesterol-lowering properties are potentiated when steamed. The heat from steaming helps the fiber in kale bind with bile acids. This binding helps even more bile acids get released and thus lower cholesterol levels.

4. Steam your cabbage - While one study has shown that short-cooked and raw cabbage has more cancer-preventative benefits then longer cooked cabbage, steamed cabbage can maximize the glucosinolates and their accessibility.

Here is yet another union between modern nutrition and traditional Chinese medical theory.

The current Western diet is becomming the root of many diseases. Processed foods and a diet rich in animal protein is reaking havoc on our cardiovascular health, gastro-intestinal system, and immune system to name just a few .

There has been a paradigm change in response to these ills and many people are embracing a healthier diet; one that is more plant based and unrefined. This change is much needed, however, the raw food version of it is misdirected.

Chinese medicine recognizes that warmth is needed to digest our food. It is called "Digestive Fire." The consumption of raw foods, shakes for meals, and smoothies puts out this fire. Our attempt to embrace better health is essentially snuffed out when our digestive system is alreay weakened and we are consuming more raw and cold foods.

Cold food sitting on a digestive system who's Fire has gone out makes us feel boggy and bloated. This is not encouraging us to move towards better health and feel good!

If you are feeling heavy, bloated, or are trying to lose weight but the pounds are not coming off, I encourage you to look at your diet and not just the foods that you eat, but how they are cooked.