Are You Stressed?

STRESS...It eventually gets to everyone. Sometimes it is unclear how stressed we really are. More and more studies report what we already know and experience: Stress plays a HUGE role in disease and malaise.

We all experience stress, yet it affects each one of us differently. The questions are:
How do you know when you are stressed?
What are the signs?
What can do you do about it?

For many of us, stress can manifest as:

Lack of appetite / Large appetite
Abdominal pain
Neck and shoulder tension
Headaches / Migraines
Depression / Anxiety
Increased chronic pain

Acupuncture, a drug-free treatment within the system of Chinese Medicine, is an effective method to reduce stress. Not only does acupuncture and Chinese Medicine support us when we are stressed, but they can also help prevent physical reactions from future stressors. It can directly and positively influence how we experience our world around us. Aaah, doesn't that give a sigh of relief?

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