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flowers floating in water


Let's be frank, even before 2020 mental health was a priority. Seemingly now more than ever those of us who were treading water, maybe even surfing, are struggling to stay afloat. The mental space we managed and navigated, with various tools and support, might still be dragging us along for the ride. 


Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is often the missing link between therapy and medication. If you are on meds, that's cool. I'm not judging you. This is your journey and I'm just here to help, not layer on my agenda. I just know that there are many of us who are either disenchanted with our prescriptive options, underserved by those who are in service to us, or have simply nothing left to lose.


I'm here to help. Chinese medicine is brilliant in helping in that ambiguous space. Stress, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, dissociative disorder, etc. all come along with physical symptoms that can check out as "nothing" to Western medicine. Clearly it isn't nothing if you are experiencing it. Just because it isn't identified with imagining, lab tests, and an office visit doesn't mean it can't be helped. It can. You can feel better. You have my full dedication help get you there. 

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