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There are so many layers to wellness. There are times where we do all the right things, see all the right people, make all the right connections, and yet there is a lacking. There are other times where the idea of making the seemingly simplest change is overwhelming, and resignation is an act of survival. There are even other times where the clouds are heavy, the mud is disorienting, and we are simply stuck. And sometimes we are just curious. 


Resonance Healing is my synthesis of Sufi Healing as shared with me from my mentor Thea Elijah, Picuris and Ute Holy Man Joseph Rael Beautiful Painted Arrow, Shamic teachers Dariusz Rawa, Char Sundust, and Susun Weed. 


We meet together over the phone (no video conferencing) and yet connect in Heartspace. I will guide us in grounding, aligning, and connecting to the greater source. Once we are in resonance individually, I guide us to connect in the safety, sanctuary, and respect of Heartspace. There, we uncover and heal parts of ourselves that can be pre-verbal, semi-conscious, and yet deeply influential to our physical  and mental experience. 


From one of my repeat clients-

Elaina is a gifted healer whose presence, care and sensitivity creates a space for gentle but profound healing and transformation.
These sessions are truly magical, and mystical, crossing deeply into that otherworld of the spirit while landing firmly in the secret of the heart center.
The experience is one of meeting my most precious and forgotten self, a kind of deep remembering,
like coming home.


It is in deep gratitude to my teachers that I am able to offer this kind of care. 

"One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes."

- Antoine de St. Exupery

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