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Pain can be considered the greatest teacher - it functions to keep us safe, to take extra care, to bring consciousness to light. It can get a little excessive, can it not? 


Pain's impact on our daily lives can be exhausting, depressing, prohibitive, and annoying to say the least. There can also be a dance between acute pain and chronic pain. While the goal is to treat the injury in an acute place, we aren't always so lucky to do so. Things have a way of creeping back up. 


The realm of chronic pain is multifaceted. We have the original injury / condition, and then we have the habit. For those of us in Southern California, we know what a mess the 405 can be, and yet thousands travel that stretch on the daily. It's like pain. It becomes a bad habit. Acupuncture is amazing at letting the body know there are other ways to travel. That we can get that message delivered without getting on the 405. 


Farbeit from me to take the lessons of pain away, but I am fully cool with helping you feel good and return to a vibrant life that is in alignment, and pain-free. 

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