Pain is a condition that we all experience at different times in our lives. It functions to help keep us safe and acts as a great teacher. It is the questions we tend to get wrong on a test that we remember the longest. Right?

Well, pain may very well be those things, however its impact on our daily life can often be exhausting, depressing, and annoying to say the least. The skillful use of acupuncture and Chinese medicine help not only to relieve pain, but to assist the body in healing. A differential diagnosis is key to an effective treatment.

For example, five people may come in for help to relieve migraines. Those five people would all have a different experience of the same phenomena. When I am with a patient, I truly take the time to understand how each individual is different and provide a customized and effective treatment. I work with one patient per hour, my time is not split between multiple patients. Each and every person has my complete attention and full access to all that Chinese medicine has to offer.