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About Elaina

Elaina has a heart centered practice that embraces the vast classical philosophies of Chinese medicine. Her cornerstone perspective is that health is not simply the amelioration of pain and malaise, but the harmonization of one's self with one's environment. Acupuncture speaks in resonance. By holding the true note, patients can essentially self tune and move into a greater state of health.

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About Acupuncture & Herbs

Chinese medicine is a complete science unto itself. Meaning that this model of medicine has its own anatomy, its own physiology, and its own nomenclature. Because of this, it has its own pathology and treatment philosophies. Chinese medicine, while working closely with Western medicine, is autonomous and does not rely on a Western diagnosis for efficacy and value.  The therapeutic modalities of Chinese medicine include acupuncture, herbs, moxabustion, cupping, Qigong, and nutritional and lifestyle counseling.

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New Patient Information

Please download and print the intake forms to bring with you to your initial appointment.